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Safety Guard Rails & Fall Protection Applications

With so many hazards present in the construction industry, creating the safest work environment possible takes much foresight and planning on the part of the construction site supervisor. Many supplies such as safety guard rails and other fall protection items are available through TC Safety Supply to give workers the most ideal work environment possible. Obviously, many factors must be considered to determine which kind of prevention or protection is best in each situation.

Elevatated Deck OSHA Compliant Fall Protection Applications

Elevated Decks

The opportunity to fall over an edge is definitely present when workers are on an elevated deck, walkway or mezzanine without safety rails. With so many temporary and permanent safety guard rail options, there is no excuse for these falls to occur. Enable access to the area by using a self-closing gate for personnel and the LedgeGuard for forklift delivery areas.
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Machine Center OSHA Compliant Fall PRotection Applications

Machine Centers

No one except authorized construction workers should be allowed near machines. Use a temporary or permanent safety guard rail to keep unauthorized personnel out of potentially hazardous areas. As with elevated areas, access gates are available for forklifts or larger vehicles that need to get into the area.
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Mezzanines OSHA Complaint Fall Protection Applications


Prevent employees and visitors falling from a mezzanine level by permanently mounting Railguard 200 safety guard. Falls from a mezzanine can be especially dangerous since employees are often transporting inventory down to the ground level. Be sure to plan ahead if you need to add a gate for a forklift.
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Roof Edge OSHA Compliant Fall Protection Applications

Roof Edges

Temporarily installing Railguard 200 is the best protection available for keeping workers safe while working on commercial roofs without putting holes in the roof. Whether you install it on only part of the roof or around the perimeter, be sure to call us to get the best fit and a customized color at no additional charge.
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Skylights OSHA Complaint Fall Protection Applications


It’s easy for a worker who is carrying materials across the roof to trip over or fall into an unseen skylight. TC Safety Supply provides a kit of four guard rails and mounting bases specifically designed to create a perimeter around any skylight. Another option is the CageGuard Protector which fits over any size skylight up to ten feet by ten feet. Both of these options can either be permanently attached the roof or skylight or temporarily put around the skylight without putting holes in the roof or skylight frame.
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Roof HAtch OSHA Compliant Fall Protection Applications

Roof Hatches

Instead of four guard rails, the roof hatch kits include a gate as one of the sides so that workers can climb in and out of the hatch. No matter what kind of opening you have, all we need are the dimensions to design either a permanent or temporary protection.
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Rooftop HVAC OSHA Compliant Fall Protection Applications

Rooftop HVAC Protection

OSHA requires that HVAC equipment fifteen feet from the room needs to be surrounded by safety guard rails while workers are performing maintenance. Railguard 200 temporary safety guard rail is sufficient although it would not be a bad idea to install permanent rail around the perimeter of the HVAC area.

The ready availability of safety equipment leaves no excuse for injury or death because of falls on the construction site. Indeed, most fatal falls occur because appropriate safety measures were not followed. Keep your crew safe today by evaluating the hazards at your workplace and taking action to eliminate or minimize them.
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