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Elevated OSHA Guardrail - Guard Rail That Meets OSHA Guardrail Requirements

Why You Need Elevated Deck OSHA Guardrail Fall Protection

  • Prevent injuries - 80% of workplace fatalities come from falls from a elevated level to a lower level

  • Worker Safety - safety must be highly prioritized wherever your job sites have an elevated deck

  • Save Lives - Safety guard rails must be put up to ensure your workers’ safety and your company’s OSHA compliance

  • Reduce Workman's compensation claims - Workplace injuries can be costly, due to workman’s compensation costs and other costs resulting from employees’ missing work due to injuries on the job.

TC Safety Supply Offers the Best Fall Protection for Your Elevated Deck

Safety guard rails we supply offer the ultimate in flexibility, affordability, and simplicity unmatched in the fall protection and construction equipment industry.

The elevated deck safety guard rail system we offer is now the leading system of its kind, providing multi-functional barrier.

  • The system can be free-standing while remaining strong and secure enough to withstand a fall from a 200-pound man without budging.

  • This award-winning fall protection system meets or exceeds all OSHA guidelines for fall protection and construction safety equipment.

  • And it’s also affordable.

Flexibility - a single system that can meet both temporary and permanent guard rail needs

TC Safety Supply offers the ultimate flexibility in elevated deck safety guard rails by providing a single system that can meet both temporary and permanent guard rail needs in areas such as mezzanines, loading docks, roof edges, and elevated walkways.

Every company involved in construction or related industries needs to carefully evaluate areas of need for either permanent or temporary guard rails to provide fall protection on each job site’s mezzanine, elevated walkway, or elevated deck.

Safety guard rails may be needed on a temporary or on apermanent basis, and the unique system we offer can meet both needs. The system can be quickly and easily set up and taken down where only temporary fall protection. And since the system we offer exceeds OSHA regulations for permanent elevated deck safety guard rails, it can be used in those situations.

Affordability - eliminates expensive additional costs

There are several features that help make the elevated deck safety guard rail system we offer more affordable than those of our competitors.

This cutting-edge system eliminates the need for many unnecessary costs:

  • No professional installation crews to set up and take down the guard rails.

  • No expensive core drilling, with complicated attachments.

  • No holes that heighten the potential for cracked concrete as well as undermine the integrity of substrates in both floors and roofs.

Instead, unskilled laborers can set up and take down these simple elevated deck safety guard rails in only minutes.


The elevated deck safety guard rail system, offered by TC Safety Supply, can be easily set up by unskilled laborers and used repeatedly because of its unique free-standing design and its simple, yet secure.

3-part construction:

  • The Base Plate - This low-profile mounting piece boasts 200-pound resistance, allowance for both 90* and 45* turns, housing for up to 4 intersecting rails, and an unusually narrow 4-1/2 inch space between rails. It also comes with built-in carrying handles and toe board receptacles.

  • Rail Sections - These durable pieces consist of 1-5/8-inch steel tubing and utilize solid-bead welding for increased longevity. They come 42” high and can be ordered in three standard widths: 10’, 7’6:, and 5” lengths. (Custom sizes are also available.)

  • Quick Pins - These pieces provide the easily moveable connection between the rail sections and base plates. The pins simply slide into the holes before being clipped in place. The precise sizing allows for the rigid stability of this unique design.

  • All three components are made of steel coated in a standard durable safety yellow powder finish. (Custom colors and galvanized finishes are available.)

Such flexibility, affordability, and simplicity make the system we offer your best option for providing elevated deck safety. Guard rails can mean the difference between life and death for your workers and high costs for your company.

Call 855-717-7475 today for affordable pricing and give your workers the fall protection and safety they deserve on each job and protect your working area from damage by investing in one of our safety guardrail systems for your business.

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