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Mezzanine Safety Guard Rails and Mezzanine Safety Gates Reduce the Likelihood of Falls

In plants and warehouses across the nation, mezzanine areas provide crucial storage space for inventory and equipment. And while these areas create invaluable additional square footage, their location in the rafters makes them one of the most dangerous places for employees to work. At TC Safety Supply we understand the importance of protecting workers from unnecessary falls. We have spent years perfecting our product line of mezzanine safety guard rails so that workers can do their job without worrying about falling from the mezzanine.

Mezzanine Safety Guard Rail

National statistics indicate that 11% of reported injuries in the workplace result from a fall to a lower level. Workers falling from the mezzanine of a factory can sustain substantial – even fatal – injuries. And yet, many warehouses and plants still provide only the bare minimum when it comes to mezzanine safety guard rails. Open ledges and unsecured rails are a recipe for disaster, and companies that care about their workers’ safety need a system that eliminates these dangerous scenarios.

The Railguard 200 simplifies the protection of mezzanine workers with its sturdy, easy-to-use design. Rising 42 inches above the mezzanine floor, these rails can be custom ordered to whatever length and depth needed. Once installed, workers can safely work at any mezzanine height. Additionally, steel Toeboards are available to further prevent injury by stopping objects from falling on workers below.

LedgeGuard Vertical Lift Mezzanine Safety Gate

This convenient guard rail system can be permanently installed for added strength using our specialty floor mounts. Available from TC Safety Supply, the double post floor mount was specifically designed with mezzanine safety guard rails in mind. The dual post design makes it possible to continue a run of rails so that the area is securely enclosed no matter what the length of the mezzanine ledge. When beginning or ending a run of guard rails, a single post mount should be used.

If your company uses a forklift for accessing mezzanine areas, the addition of a LedgeGuard mezzanine safety gate will create easy entrance without having to remove needed fall protection. The added security of a double-barrier gate ensures that the mezzanine remain safely enclosed at all times. The outer gate opens to receive cargo from the fork lift, while the inner gate opens only after a safe deposit. Workers are thus never exposed to an unprotected mezzanine ledge, which significantly reduces the risk of falling. Self-closing ladder gates are also available for further protection against falls.

Mezzanine safety guard rails are an important aspect of workplace safety. If your company values the wellbeing of its employees, you understand the worth of this kind of equipment. Are you ready to start making your safety goals a reality?

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