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Roof Edge Fall Protection Systems

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Roof Edge Fall Protection: More than Just a Railing

At some point in their lives, most people have a nightmare about falling. Whether off of a roof or simply off the bed, falling is never a pleasant experience. When it comes to the workplace, rooftop exposure can be one of the most dangerous liabilities due to the risk of falls. If a worker falls off of a twenty story building, he will likely lose his life, and his employer will carry a hefty weight of responsibility. Roof edge fall protection is thus a critical component of rooftop safety.

Hundreds of customers rely on TC Safety Supply to provide a safe working environment including General Motors, US Steel and IBM.

TC Safety Supply protection equipment has earned the confidence of companies and workers across the country by offering a broad line of fall protection products and systems. With products designed to meet fall protection standards, we're committed to meeting your unique fall protection needs with our focus on OSHA and ANSI compliant custom solutions for your job site.

For Over 30 Years Customer Service is a Top Priority at TC Safety Supply

That means much more than friendly phone calls and quick issue resolution. It also means that our team of safety experts is ready help you design and construct the best safety solution for your company. Not only does our expertise include all current safety regulations, but our experience with safety standards also enables us to anticipate many new regulations and fit you with a solution that will protect your workplace for years.

"TC Safety Supply, Inc. was very prompt to detail and made recommendations to best solve our fall protection needs."

Chris Anderson - Bongard’s Creameries

Ensures Compliance With Regulatry Bodies

TC Safety Supply Fall Protection engineers closely follow all OSHA, ANSI, and regulatory-controlled industry regulations, so you rest assured of receiving a safe effective system that meets or exceeds your industry regulations.

Great deals on OSHA compliant roof guardrail systemsRoof Guardrail Systems

TC Safety Supply has spent the past 30 years perfecting our roof edge fall protection products. The Railguard 200, which is a temporary safety guard rail solution, has been acclaimed as the best temporary fall protection on the market. It was originally designed to provide security for roofers during commercial roofing projects; however, time has shown that these sturdy rails are capable of a wide variety of applications.

Unlike most other temporary roof edge fall protection systems, the Railguard 200 does not require the penetration of the roof surface. Following proper installation the safety rails meet and exceed standards set by OSHA. They provide both the protection required for roofers and the peace of mind needed for the business owners who hire them – without damaging the rooftop.

Roof Edge Fall Protection Railing SystemsPermanent Guardrail Systems

For companies who opt to permanently install safety guard rails, the Railguard 200 is compatible with permanent mounts for easy conversion and installation. Available in every hue, free color-matching even makes it possible for your safety rails to compliment your building’s color. Stainless steel rails are also offered, and for an extra charge you can purchase rails that have been galvanized. If you opt for permanent rooftop railings, you may also want to consider protective railings around a roof hatch or an HVAC unit, which are also available from TC Safety Supply.

View Our Large Selection of 3M Safety Harnesses, Lanyards and Anchorage Devices3M Safety Harnesses, Lanyards and Accessories

The best fall arrest safety equipment is versatile, dependable and comfortable. Our 3M Fall Protection Safety Harnesses provide high-end comfort, maximum movement, and ease of donning/doffing, all while providing you secure protection that meets OSHA and ANSI standards.

We carry a complete line of 3M™ Fall Protection Safety Harnesses, lanyards and accessories to fit all your needs including welders and workers over 310 lbs.

Bulk pricing and discounts available!

Finding the Perfect Product

When considering the purchase of roof edge fall protection, it is important to carefully measure your roof space. A 10 foot system of rails will require at least 11 feet of space to accommodate the bases, so measuring first will assist you in determining the length of the railing that you need. If you need assistance with configuration, feel free to call our customer service department toll-free at 855-717-7475 for more information. We can help you match your need with the perfect product.

When it comes to protecting workmen and employees you just can’t be too careful. Whether you are simply having your rooftop resurfaced or looking for a permanent answer to a dangerous situation, TC Safety Supply has a solution for you. Check out our product line today, and see why more and more people are opting to utilize our popular roof edge fall protection!

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"It was a pleasure working with TC Safety Supply, Always seemed to be very prompt in follow up and seemed very knowledgeable."

Charlie Brandenburg - Tennant Corp.

"Customer service is unmatched, always returned calls promptly and followed up on status of order, great company to work with!"

Brandon McAllister - Centimark Corporation

"Was great to have a partner like TC Safety Supply to work with. Fantastic customer service with attention to detail from the lay-out prints to the finished product."

David Reese - Georgia Pacific

"Fantastic customer service will recommend TC Safety Supply to other projects!"

Keith Watts - Electronic Arts Account

"Great to work with TC safety Supply, always provide timely quotes & lay-out drawings if needed."

John Foster - Southwest Construction

"What a good experience working with TC Safety Supply, Inc., Customer service follow up from start to finish is second to none! We would recommend TC Safety Supply, Inc. very professional."

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