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Roof Hatch OSHA Compliant Fall ProtectionTC Safety Supply can supply your company with simple but sturdy roof hatch kits. Safety guard rails, combined with swinging gates, help to provide access to rooftop openings without compromising safety. The large number of workplace injuries due to falls and fatal injuries due to falls from higher levels, make rooftop safety imperative. But roof edges aren’t the only places that need guarding. Less obvious danger surrounds roof hatches; your company cannot afford to ignore them when considering your fall safety needs.

Like all our equipment, our roof hatch kits meet or exceed OSHA guidelines and feature steel construction and solid-bead welding with a durable safety yellow powder finish. They can be made to fit scuttle openings and stairway and equipment hatches, as well as roof hatches. Our top-rated safety guard rail system and swing gate kits provide the two basic elements of our roof hatch kits.

Heavy-Duty Construction Safety Guard Rail System

The guard rail system we use offers the unique combination of heavy-duty construction and free-standing stability. This system consists of three basic parts: base plates, rail sections, and quick pins. The guard rails boast 1-5/8-inch steel tubing and come 42” high.

Setting up the guard rail kit is simple and can be done by unskilled laborers in a matter of minutes. Once the rail sections are placed into the base plate housing, the quick pins can easily slide and click into place.

The free-standing base plates eliminate the need for specialized installation equipment and labor as well as help to retain the integrity of the roof; such ideal protection is possible with our roof hatch kits. Safety guard rails provide only one aspect of those kits, though. While three sides of the protective square consist of these unmoving barriers, the fourth side provides secure access to the opening.

Roof Hatches Swinging Gates

Swinging gates provide the needed access point for roof hatches while retaining fall safety. Our swing gate kits coordinate perfectly with our safety guard rail system. Made of the same heavy-duty steel tubing, they can be mounted on either the same free-standing base plates used for the guard rails or our permanent-mount base plates, for added stability. Either way, they comply with OSHA regulations.

The widths will depend on the size of your rooftop opening, so you’ll want to carefully measure the outside diameter so we can create guard rails in a custom size that’s just right for you. You just need to measure the outside dimensions of your roof hatch or other opening. Gate widths range from 4 to 12 feet.

Roof hatch safety is important for protecting both your employees’ lives and your company’s assets. We hope you’ll let us help you will all your fall safety needs, including roof hatch kits, safety guard rails, and gates of all kinds.

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