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Rooftop HVAC Equipment - Safety Guard Rails

The prevalence of rooftop HVAC equipment for both industrial and commercial properties has created a need for safety guard rails that must be considered by every building owner. Whether the HVAC system is maintained by plant maintenance personnel or by contractor, it is absolutely necessary to provide a rooftop safety guard rail that will satisfy all relevant OSHA requirements - and most importantly, provide adequate protection.

OSHA requires installation of safety guard rails for the edge of any rooftop within 15 feet of rooftop HVAC equipment. Maintenance personnel that may be servicing the equipment must be afforded this measure of protection against accidental falls. The Railguard 200 safety guard rails system will provide this protection and meet the requirements of OSHA regulations 1910.23 and 1926.500-03.

Unlike permanent safety guard rail systems, the Railguard 200 safety guard rail system does not require extensive installation and will not require penetration of the roofing surface. The Railguard 200 safety guard rail system is a free standing system comprised of just three easy-to-assemble components. The flat bottomed base plate provides the sturdy foundation for the system. With capacity for up to 4 intersecting rail sections, the base plates feature convenient integral carrying handles and receptacles for toeboards. The base plates feature a low profile to minimize potential trip hazard and enough intrinsic mass to provide the 200 lb resistance required by OSHA regulations.

Rail sections are available in 5’, 7.5’, and 10’ lengths and are 42 inches in height. Each rail features heavy-walled steel with solid-bead welded construction. The rails come standard with a safety yellow super-durable powder coat finish that will retain its attractive appearance for years in spite of frequent use and rough handling. Galvanized finish as well as custom colors are available as options.

The final system component is the quick pin used to securely attach the rails to the base. Easily aligned holes in the rails and bases provide ample system rigidity when the close-fitting quick pins are inserted and clipped into place.

In order to meet the OSHA requirement of 200 lbs exerted at any point on the system, horizontally or vertically, the Railguard 200 system must be equipped with a perpendicular rail at each end. This configuration provides system stability and resistance to movement or tip-over.

The Railguard 200 system is designed for ease of setup and take down. Assembly requires no tools or skilled labor. The quick pins are easily identifiable for quick inspection and verification. Optional accessories are available to store and transport system components to and from the work area. Quick and easy assembly and teardown make the Railguard 200 an ideal temporary safety guard solution.

Compare the Railguard 200 to other systems and you will find it to be superior in every way. Act now to take the necessary precautions to protect your maintenance personnel and contractors against life-threatening accidental falls. The Railguard 200 system will provide safety for your people and peace of mind for you.

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