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TC Safety Supply offers two distinct but equally sturdy skylight safety kits. Because four out of every five workplace fatalities (and the majority of non-fatal on-the-job injuries) are caused by falls from one level to a lower level, roofs clearly present potential hazards. While roof edges may be the most obvious areas of concern, skylights can provide less noticeable hazards for rooftop workers, as well as for those working beneath the skylight areas. Skylights should definitely be considered when evaluating each jobsite’s fall safety needs

Like our other fall-protection equipment, our skylight safety kits meet or exceed OSHA guidelines and feature durable steel construction and solid-bead welding with a durable safety yellow powder finish. Both options eliminate compromising the integrity of your skylights or the roof membrane because they are both free-standing and non-mechanized barriers. The two types of kits we offer are guard rail kits and cage-style kits.


Guard Rail Skylight Safety Kits

Our guard rail skylight safety kits consist of the same basic components as our safety guard rail system, which remains an industry-leading option for fall protection. These guard rails consist of three basic components: base plates, rail sections, and quick pins. The guard rail skylight safety kits include four rail sections, four base plates, and the quick pins needed to erect the kit. 

The guard rails boast 1-5/8-inch steel tubing and come 42” high. The widths will depend on the size of your skylight, so you’ll want to carefully measure the outside diameter so we can create guard rails in a custom size that’s just right for you.

Setting up the guard rail kit is simple and can be done by unskilled laborers in a matter of minutes. The rail sections are simply placed into the base plate housing, and quick pins easily slide and click into place. Once set up, this 3-part construction is sturdy enough to stand on its own, without drilling into the roof.

Cage-style Skylight Safety Kits

Our cage-style skylight safety kits provide a one-piece solution for skylight safety. These kits do meet OSHA requirements for skylight safety even without any additional attachments, but they also work in conjunction with three optional add-on kits. The standoff kit is a mechanized way to connect your cage-style kit to your skylight. You can also increase wind resistance with either stack plates or portable bases, the same ones used with the guardrail kits.

Like the guard rail system, it can be easily installed by unskilled laborers, and it can be custom built for the precise dimensions of your skylights. You’ll want to carefully measure the outside diameter of your skylight; the maximum size is 10 feet, squared. (Our cage-style kits can also be used for guarding short-term openings in a floors or roofs.) Skylight protection can make a life-and-death difference for your employees and the financial stability of your company. We hope you’ll call us to discuss the right skylight safety kits to meet your company’s needs.

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