Skylight Guarding Systems

Skylight Guarding SystemsGuard Your Skylights with OSHA Compliant Skylight Fall Protection.

Protect your workers with Screened, Domed, Caged and Railing Skylight Guarding Systems.

OSHA 1910.23 - Skylight Requirements require all skylights be guarded – it’s the law! Turns out the most versatile perimeter fall protection railing system around also works for skylights too. 42” tall safety railings capable of sustaining a 200 lb. load meet OSHA requirements and offer the building owner or contractor a quick non-penetrating fall protection solution for skylight fall prevention.

Durable skylight guarding systems available in powder coat or galvanized finish make our skylight guard system products a perfect permanent or temporary skylight guarding solution.

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Skylight Guarding Systems Provide Options for Every Live Load

Manufacturers, construction companies and building owners face mandatory use of skylight guarding systems to prevent falls or objects being dropped by repair, construction and service personnel. Regardless of your needs, TC Safety Supply has your skylight-safety concerns covered with the right protection. Our skylight guarding systems include caged, railed, screened and domed protection that are OSHA compliant, easy to install, customizable and affordable.

Applicable Laws to Ensure Safety

OSHA laws help to ensure safety on the roof and below the skylight. The applicable laws include the following statutes:

1926.501(b)(4)(i): Any openings higher than six feet must have a protection system to arrest falls. Protection must be a fall-arrest system, quadrails or covers, and the rules apply when someone is working above or below the skylight or roof opening.

1926.501(b)(4)(ii): Workers must be protected when working around holes or skylights by covers to prevent tripping or falls.

1926.501(b)(4)(iii): People working below an open hole or skylight must be protected from people or objects falling through the hole or skylight.

Three Types of Skylight Guarding Systems—Mix or Match

Three types of skylight protection include options that best suit any type of skylight installation. Don't forget that it's also necessary to protect open holes in the roof before the skylight is installed. Skylight accidents can prove deadly, and OSHA fines for noncompliance can be very expensive in addition to the costs of possible lawsuits and increases in insurance premiums. A range of nonpenetrating and affordable systems will ensure that you find the right protection. Choose from the following options:

Free-standing Protection

Skylight rail systems come in various sizes that adjust to any skylight size or shape. Installation is easy, and you can choose to fence the area around the skylight or enclose it completely with a cage. The cage won't block the light. This heavy-duty protection prevents people and objects from coming into contact with skylights accidentally.

Screen Systems

TC Safety Supply's screen systems withstand up to 500 pounds of force, which comfortably surpasses OSHA guidelines. Affordable and easy to install, screens provide a compression fit at an affordable price.

Sky Domes

You can install a skylight guarding dome in minutes for a free-standing and low-cost solution. Lightweight and nonpenetrating, domes are the most cost-effective answer to the problem of protecting skylights.</li>

You can't beat our affordable and OSHA-approved protection systems for skylights. Our skylight guarding systems provide a safe working environment for workers on the roof and employees working beneath a skylight. Not only is protection legally necessary, but also it prevents potential catastrophic injuries. You can protect both new and existing skylights with TC Safety Supply's signature products.