Minneapolis Fall Protection Safety

If you're looking for fall protection systems in the Minneapolis area, you want to find the best options at the right price. That way, you can get what you need to protect yourself, your crew, or the public from the potential risk. There are barrier options to consider in certain areas, and these also work well for large crowds of onlookers. Of course, smaller numbers of people or other applications may require harnesses or related types of gear, and we can help you with those, as well. No matter what kind of fall protection safety options you need for your Minneapolis business, we can get you what you need.

Fall Protection Choices

When you consider which fall protection system you want and need, there a number of things to look for. You may need something that will anchor a person or an item in place, or you may want a lanyard so movement is possible but there is still protection from an actual fall. With different types of safety harnesses for people who have to work in high places, and fall protection systems that can even hold back crowds, the number of choices can seem confusing. By narrowing down exactly the type of protection needs you have, we can help you choose the right system, so you'll be happy with your purchase and protect the people who need it.


There are many different applications for fall protection systems in Minneapolis. Anyone who works in a high place should have proper protection, to protect them if they should slip. Especially in the winter months, when conditions are often icy and slippery, there is a a significant fall risk to anyone who must work up in the air. That's not the only way people can fall and get injured, though. Having a barrier or guardrail up to protect crowds from falling into or over something is also another excellent way to protect people from harm that could otherwise come to them. With these types of systems, we can help you protect a large number of people at once.

Systems to Provide Fall Protection

The best systems to provide fall protection for a large group are items like guardrails, gates, and warning systems. The guardrails are generally a good option for many different types of applications, and they can come in a number of different styles and choices to meet your needs. We offer guardrails that are permanent, along with temporary choices that can set up for events and removed later. Guardrails for roofs, floors, and pits are all available, to ensure that we can meet your fall protection needs. We also have several different options for gates, and provide a selection of visual warning systems to help you protect people from harm.

Anchorage Devices

If you need anchorage devices we have those, as well, with options for roofs and concrete. We also carry crossarm anchorage devices, to give you more choices for the applications you have. No matter what type of setup you have, or how you need to make sure people stay anchored so they can't fall, we have a system or a solution that will work for you.

Lanyards & Safety Harnesses

Safety harnesses and lanyard choices are popular options for people in the Minneapolis area who like to climb, and they are also good choices for anyone who works high in the air. With the devices we sell, you can feel confident that you and your workers will be protected. We have a number of different lanyards, from beginner options to more advanced systems, so you can choose the one that fits the job you're doing and offers you the proper level of protection. We even have tripod systems and self-retracting lanyards to consider.

Safety harnesses can provide you with a more stable feeling, and can make you feel more comfortable if you don't like heights or aren't used to working in an area where you can fall. We have several different types of standard safety harnesses, and can provide you with specialty options, as well.

Kits and Hardware

We even offer kits and hardware for fall protection safety. If you're putting together your own system for fall protection in the Minneapolis area, or if you find that a part of your current system is starting to wear out, we can help you get the parts you need to get your system fixed or designed and ready to go. No matter what type of harness or other fall protection safety device you need, come see us and consider what we have to offer. We're dedicated to our customers, and happy to help you find something that will offer you the protection you're looking for and keep you and others safe from harm.